Little girl rescued from human trafficking


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When Sharon's 14 year old sister got married, her parents were not able to gather the price for her dowry so they sold Sharon to a human trafficker who sold her to a rock quarry. At just 9 years old, she was forced to work all day long with only the tiniest meal. Her hands and feet were cut from the jagged stones, and she contracted lice.

One of our field teams rescued Sharon in the Summer of 2019. When they found her, she was extremely malnourished, and she took much longer than most rescued children to recuperate. She regained her strength slowly. She was able to get medicine, vitamins, and nourishing food.

Today, she goes to school with girls her age. She knows that she will never be a slave again. She knows won't be forced into marriage while she is still a child. Her favorite class is Math, and she loves to read all the books she can get her hand on. Someday, she wants to become a teacher. 

When you sponsor Sharon, you take care of her needs for food and education. You'll get updates from time to time about how you've made a difference and learn about the significant things happening in her life.  

When you do what you can For One, you help end child slavery for good.

Dozens of other children are waiting to be connected with a sponsor. See their stories.

*The name used is a pseudonym to protect this child’s identity.



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