This little girl was rescued from human trafficking, and now she goes to school. You can buy her and other children school supply kits that give them a new chance at life.
Children rescued from human trafficking have a new chance at life through education. Buy a school supply kit and make a difference for a child in need.
When a child that is rescued from slavery in a rock quarry or a brothel gets their own backpack for the first time- you can't take their smile away for days. The gift of education that these school supply kits represent is the biggest gift of all.

School Supply Kit

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Each child receives a basic education and 1200 kids use a lot of school supplies. They need the same things every child needs to get the most out of school: a backpack, notebooks, pencils and paper. You can provide these basic supplies for a child in need by purchasing a School Supply Kit.

100% of this donation goes to purchase school supplies for children in India. All donations are tax-deductible.



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