Education for children rescued from slavery is one of the most important things that we can do to end generational poverty. These children learn about the world and how they can grow up to fight human trafficking as survivors.
The joy of opening a book and knowing that you are free to learn and grow is a massive step for former child slaves. Ending human trafficking and rescuing child slaves is only the first step. Educating them to own their futures through reading and learning is the goal. These former slaves will end slavery because they have been equipped with the tools to become independent, successful adults.

New Textbooks for Former Slaves

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Providing a basic education is one of our core commitments, and our kids are doing really well on their exams. However, many kids share outdated textbooks in crowded classrooms.

Purchase 3 new textbooks so that our students can use up to date materials. This will help our students to distinguish themselves in their government run exams, the workplace and prepare them for a life of success.

100% of this donation goes to India to buy textbooks and educational materials for rescued children in India. All donations are tax-deductible.



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