Little Indian girl with a pink shirt rescued from slavery or human trafficking


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Maggie comes from a remote part of India in the hill country. Her parents are illiterate. Until recently, she had never seen a school or a phone. When people in her village became sick, they rushed the ill children to the doctor. This unscrupulous doctor demanded a lot of money for treatment, and as an alternative, the family was told the children would be taken care of with food and medicine, if they came to work in the rock quarries. The naive parents accepted the offer. 

As soon as Maggie arrived in the mine, she discovered the doctor's lie when she saw dozens of miserable children working in terrible conditions. Despite the hardships, she learned her tasks in the mine quickly and worked hard to avoid severe punishments from the supervisors. She was given just enough food and water to survive, and with the other children, she slept on the floor of the rock quarry open to the elements. 

Our field team rescued her, and she has begun remedial education classes. More than anything else in school, Maggie loves the Bible stories. Our connections in that hill country are searching for her parents, and they have hopes to reunite her with them. Maggie loves to paint and enjoys her Math classes. She hopes to become a teacher so that other children will know how to read.

When you sponsor Maggie, you take care of her needs for food and education. You'll get updates from time to time about how you've made a difference and learn about the significant things happening in her life.  

When you do what you can For One, you help end child slavery for good.

Dozens of other children are waiting to be connected with a sponsor. See their stories. 

*The name used is a pseudonym to protect this child’s identity.



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