Little boy rescued from human trafficking


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Kai's father's drug addiction meant that he lost his job, and his mother couldn't meet their family's needs. A debt collector kidnapped Kai as collateral. When his parents didn't raise the money needed, the loan shark sold him to a rock quarry to recoup his money. 

Just 7 years old when he entered the quarry, Kai was forced to work from sunrise to sundown with just one meal. He slept on the rocky quarry floor with other boys his age. After about a year in the rock quarry, our field team found him and brought him to The CFC Children's Home.

Today, Kai attends school and is a bright student. The teachers love having him in class. He has gained some weight with better food and enjoys playing soccer and cricket with the other children. He also really enjoys listening to music. 

When you sponsor Kai, you take care of his needs for food and education. You'll get updates from time to time about how you've made a difference and learn about the significant things happening in his life.  

When you do what you can For One, you help end child slavery for good.

Dozens of other children are waiting to be connected with a sponsor. See their stories.

*The name used is a pseudonym to protect this child’s identity.



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