Jana - Vocational Scholarship

Jana - Vocational Scholarship

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Jana's mom got sick when she was 6 years old. Her dad did everything he could to get her to a doctor. But because they were "untouchables" or outcasts by birth, the local doctors wouldn't see them, even if they had scrounged up the money. So her dad decided to take a trip to a clinic, but to raise the funds, he sold 7 year old Jana to a human trafficker. He hoped that he would someday have the money to buy her back.

For the first time in her life, Jana was taken from her village. The trafficker sold her to a rock quarry. Every day, she filled baskets with small rocks alongside a hundred other kids as they made room for heavy equipment to access the veins of granite, slate and marble. Sometimes the kids were bused to a new quarry. Sometimes older girls were taken away and never seen again. Life in the quarry was full of terror.

One morning, the guards were gone, and there were men and women giving water and food to the kids. She had been rescued. Today, Jana is in school and thriving. She wants to pursue vocational training so that she can provide for herself. She hopes to get a job where she can earn enough money to give back and help other kids who have been trafficked.

Her training costs $1600 (donate the full amount here) or $133 a month for 12 months. 

When you sponsor a scholarship, 100% of your donation goes to provide Jana with life-changing training. You'll get updates from time to time on the progress that she is making.

*Names have been changed to protect children's identities.*



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