Little Indian girl with a light blue shirt rescued from slavery or human trafficking


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Indu's father's business failed, and to repay his debts, he sold Indu. He told her he would come back for her, but he didn't know that once you enter a rock quarry, the supervisors won't let you leave. It's slavery. In the quarry, Indu worked an unending schedule of backbreaking work in the hot sun. She saw other girls abused by supervisors and learned to hide at the right times to avoid being taken too. She lived in constant fear. Indu eventually lost track of time and all hope of ever being rescued.

In 2019, she was rescued by a group of local pastors and brought to live in The Sylom Children's Home. Today, she has been restored to full health and loves going to school. She is fond of singing hymns during the times of worship and has devoted herself to learning the ways of Jesus. Someday, she wants to become a doctor.

When you sponsor Indu, you take care of her needs for food and education. You'll get updates from time to time about how you've made a difference and learn about the significant things happening in her life.  

When you do what you can For One, you help end child slavery for good.

Dozens of other children are waiting to be connected with a sponsor. See their stories.

*The name used is a pseudonym to protect this child’s identity.



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