Dhriti - Vocational Scholarship

Dhriti - Vocational Scholarship

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*Vocational Scholarship gifts recur once a month for 12 months. At that point, you will have fully funded your student's training!*

Dhriti's dad passed away when she was very little, and her mother's job was cooking food for a street vendor on a grill. One day, she was very badly burned and was unable to use her arms while they healed. With her mother,unable to work, Dhriti collected cow dung and sold the dried patties to other poor families for cooking fuel, but it meant living on pennies-a-day. They were starving.

A human trafficker posing as an agent for child labor offered Dhriti a job. She thought she could care for her mother, but the man lied to them both. Dhriti never saw her mother again. She was taken to a rock quarry where she worked in unbearable conditions with barely any food. 

Eventually, she was rescued by one of our undercover field teams. She was given time to recover and then came to live at the Children's Home. Today, she is eligible for vocational training, and she will start when there is money to pay for her scholarship. It costs $1600  (donate the full amount here) or $133 a month for 12 months to send her through vocational training. 

When you sponsor a scholarship, 100% of your donation goes to provide Dhriti with life-changing training. You'll get updates from time to time on the progress that she is making.

*Names have been changed to protect children's identities.*



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