Dhara - Vocational Training

Dhara - Vocational Training

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*Vocational Scholarship gifts recur once a month for 12 months. At that point, you will have fully funded your student's training!*

Dhara's parents sifted through other people's trash to find recyclables they could sell. Most days, they worked all day just to put an evening meal together for the family. Her father cut is arm very badly on a piece of glass in the dump, and the family used all their savings to buy basic medicine. A human trafficker knew about all the people in the slum who were in financial trouble. When he approached Dhara's parents offering to buy her, they accepted his offer.

Dhara was put into a van with some other boys and girls from the slum and the trafficker drove them to a quarry. Dhara was terrified. She wanted to go home, but there was no way out. For months on end, she and dozens of other children in the quarry worked to clear rubble from explosions that the older men used to access the valuable granite and slate. Surviving on a meal a day, Dhara expected to die in the quarry, but she was rescued by a team of volunteers who came to inspect the quarry with a police escort. 

Dhara was brought to live at the Children's Home. Today, she has finished high school, and she is eligible for our vocational training program. Her training in tailoring costs $1600  (donate the full amount here) or $133 a month for 12 months. If you provide Dhara's scholarship, she'll get everything she needs for her training and when her training is complete, she'll be hired by a factory that has partnered with us for almost a decade. Most of these graduates choose to give back to provide long-term care to kids rescued from trafficking and provide them with the same opportunities she has received. 

Names have been changed to protect identities. If you sponsor a child or provide a scholarship, you'll be updates on your child from time to time so that you can see their progress.



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