Amara - Vocational Scholarship

Amara - Vocational Scholarship

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The shanty where Amara lived and all their crops in the neighboring fields were destroyed in a terrible hail storm. They moved into a temporary camp with thousands of others. Soon after, human traffickers began to approach the penniless victims of the storm offering them cash for their children. Amara's parents accepted the deal, and she was sent to work in a rock quarry. 

When Amara arrived at the quarry, she saw hundreds of other kids covered in dirt from head-to-toe, carrying rocks and loading them into wagons a basket at a time. She was roughly handed a small shovel and a basket and told to join the other kids. Days and weeks became months of captivity and endless work. Amara wanted to die. She wanted to escape and go back home, but she couldn't find a way.

After a couple of years had passed, another girl whispered to her that someone was coming to help them. Two nights later, brave men and women began descending rope ladders into the depth of the quarry and ushering children to climb out. Amara and 2 dozen other kids silently climbed the rope in the darkness. They walked for miles until they came to a road where there were vans waiting to take them to safety. 

Amara got some time to rest and recover, and after a few weeks, she and several of the older kids came to live at the Children's Home. She started school for the first time, but over a couple of years she had learned the basics of reading and writing.

Today, she hopes to become a seamstress so that she can provide for herself and others. Her training costs $1600 (donate the full amount here) or $133 a month for 12 months. 

When you sponsor a scholarship, 100% of your donation goes to provide Amara with life-changing training. You'll get updates from time to time on the progress that she is making.

*Names have been changed to protect children's identities.*



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