Rajani has a new life available to her because she was rescued from child trafficking. Like graduates before her, she hopes to stop modern slavery by breaking cycles of generational poverty as an adult. She has been rescued, and she wants to rescue others.

Vocational Scholarship for Rajani

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Rajani's parents took out a loan to buy medicine. When they could not pay it back Rajani was taken by the loan shark and sold to a rock quarry.  She worked difficult, long days in the scorching sun of Southern India. In the quarry, Rajani received little food and water. The other slaves in the quarry were often just as cruel as the owners. She could not have felt more alone.

Then in 2015, she was rescued by Child Freedom Coalition's local partners. She has passed her high school exams and is now eligible to receive a vocational training scholarship. Our students have a 96% graduation rate form this program, and upon completion they are fully equipped to become independent and successful.

Rajani wants to become a seamstress after attending a program that dozens of her older friends have entered. Upon graduation, she'll have a good job in a safe environment with people she can depend on. She wants to give back to help other girls escape slavery.

100% of this purchase goes to provide a vocational scholarship to a child rescued from slavery in India. All purchases are tax-deductible. Names have been changed to protect the identities of minors. 



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