Nurses visiting the Sylom Children's Home to administer COVID-19 tests on children rescued from human trafficking. Our team in India is providing medical care to over 1200 children, including those infected with COVID-19 and HIV.

10 COVID-19 Tests

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With the presence of COVID-19 at the Sylom Children's Home, we need to test all 1200 children so that we can isolate and treat sick kids. This will probably include multiple rounds of tests over the next month.

According the best information available to us, this virus has not had as large an impact on children worldwide as much as it has on older adults. However, many of the children at the Sylom Children's Home have compromised immune systems from malnourishment they experienced in slavery. This means that they are at higher risk for the major ill effects and even death. Our team in India isolated the highest risk kids in May, but a major need for testing and monitoring still exists. 



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