Vahini has a chance at a new life, and she is committed to fighting slavery by giving back to help other children harmed by human trafficking.

Vocational Scholarship for Vahini

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In 2014, Vahini was kidnapped on her way to school by a team of human traffickers. They used drugs to make her fall unconscious and when she woke up she was in a place where she didn't recognize anything. After a few days, she was taken by car to a rock quarry where she was sold as a slave. 

In the quarry, she suffered physical and sexual abuse from the supervisors. Vahini worked there for over 2 years praying to all the gods to rescue her from the terror she was living in every day. In 2016, the guards at the rock quarry ran away as the police showed up and began distributing nourishing food. 

After several weeks of rest in a local church, Vahini came to live at the Sylom Children's Home where she began to attend school again. She worked through the trauma of the quarry while the pastors and caretakers attempted to find her parents. After a year of searching, the pastors discovered her parents had both died of a fever in the village where Vahini grew up. 

Today, Vahini has completed her high school diploma and is eligible to begin a vocational training program in tailoring. Vahini thanks the One True God that she was rescued and given a new chance in life. Upon completion of her training, she'll get a job in a local garment factory where other rescued girls are employed. She will continue to have Christian community and the support of girls who have endured difficult experiences in slavery. 

*This subscription of $125/mo will continue for 12 months. At the end of 12 months, the training will be completed and the donor will receive a report about Vahini's progress.*



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