Arjun's rescue and future are all thanks to donations from wonderful donors. His future after slavery is bright, and we're excited to see what comes next for him.

Vocational Scholarship for Arjun

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Arjun was taken from his parents when he was 8 years old. He remembers that they had taken a loan to pay his sister's dowry, and when they couldn't repay the sum the loan shark told his father that he'd kill him or take Arjun as his slave. Arjun was sold to a human trafficker who sold him to an outdoor brick factory. 

Arjun lived in the brick factory for 5 years. He worked from sunrise to sunset with little food and water. At night, he slept under some of the trees beside one of the kilns. He saw other children die from snake bites and beatings. He wished he could die. 

In 2015, our partners planned a rescue the brick factory after getting tipped off from locals that children were working there. At night, the rescuers snuck through the fence woke the children, and made their escape. It took Arjun a long time to understand that he was really free, and not just being taken to work somewhere else. Today, Arjun has learned to read and write in Hindi, Telugu and English. He wants to become a carpenter. 

Through local partnerships with businesses in India, a vocational scholarship will set Arjun on a path where he'll be able to own his future by learning to be a carpenter as an apprentice. Arjun is following Jesus and wants to use his life to see other children rescued from slavery.

*This subscription of $125/mo will recur for 12 months. At the end of 12 months, the vocational training funded will be completed and a report summarizing Arjun's training will be sent to the donor upon completion.*



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